About us

Organic materials are our passion!

But not only that - with our materials, we want to awaken your passion as well. Passion for creating, sewing and designing. Why not leave stress behind, take out the dusty sewing machine and sew something nice for friends, family or yourself. Our materials can be combined every which way, can be converted and make your ideas become something quite fantastic. Our colour ranges and designs are produced by the creative minds of German designers and authors such as Sybille Hein and Daniela Drescher, but also in international design studios in Paris, London and Switzerland as well as our company headquarters in Morsbach, NRW. Why not also visit our shops in Waldbröl and Frankfurt. However, we also see the responsibility associated with the production of materials. For this reason, our high-quality materials are produced in controlled organic farming. In a time in which allergies are almost the norm even in the smallest of us, contamination of the earth, the seas and the air is a sad reality and working conditions are barely morally defensible any more, we see it as our duty to counteract these things to a certain extent. After all, materials should not just look nice. They should be fun, harmless, skin-friendly and gentle. Therefore, at our company, sustainable production and processing of organic cotton are given first priority. Controlled organic farming prohibits genetically modified organisms, as the longlasting and robust cotton fibres are to remain intact. Our cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and synthetic pesticides. It is grown in mixed cultivation and crop rotation. Pests are kept at bay using scent attractants, while weeds are mechanically removed. Our organic cotton is harvested by hand without defoliants. The farmer must have cultivated his soil without the use of chemicals for at least three years to receive the title "controlled organically cultivated cotton"; this is monitored annually. All people involved in the production process work under fair and safe conditions and receive fair salaries. Independent institutes certify the cotton. We thus ensure that our textiles are completely free of hazardous substances, allowing skin irritations, allergies and overreactions to be avoided.

A process that is worth it  :)


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